- What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token.

It is non-fungible because it is not interchangeable. It is a unique object.

An NFT refers to a digital file associated with a digital certificate of authenticity.

When you buy an NFT, you are the sole owner. There are no 2 people in the world who can have the same NFT as you.

- Why buy an NFT?

Buying an NFT is a real experience. It is to possess something that no other person in the world will be able to possess.

It is a collector’s item that can increase in value over time.

Beyond that, our NFT provide access to concrete benefits (support for sugar bushes in Quebec, sponsorship of a tree, a can of maple syrup, exclusive access to our next collection).

- How to buy an NFT?

You can access our step by step tutorial.

It will guide you through purchasing your “The Maple Mission” NFT.

- What is SOLANA?
Solana is a public blockchain platform. Its cryptocurrency is SOL.

For information, a blockchain is a database that lists the history of all exchanges made between its users since its creation.

It’s like a big account book open to everyone!

- How much will it cost me?

We sell our NFT at the price of 1.5 SOL + gas fees.

- What are gas fees?
Gas fees are network costs.
It is a small amount to pay (a few cents of dollars) to validate a transaction.

To give a simple picture:
If the NFT was a car, the gas fee would be the fuel that keeps the NFT rolling to your wallet.

- Where is my NFT after purchase?
You will find your NFT in your Phantom wallet directly after the purchase.
- How do I claim my NFT benefits?
You can claim your benefits on this page.
- I need to contact you. How soon will you answer me?

We answer all questions within 24 hours.
You can write to us at contact@themaplemission.com